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Helping you take care of your employees and your bottom line.

Healthcare costs continue to increase at a consistent rate of 5-6% per year.  The current total healthcare cost, including premiums and out of pocket costs, is approximately $14,800 per employee.


Worse yet, of the over $3 trillion Americans spend each year on healthcare, it’s estimated that roughly one quarter ($760 billion to $935 billion) can be characterized as waste. This means you may be unnecessarily spending as much as 25 percent of your healthcare dollars.

Administrative complexity0%
Pricing failure0%
Failure of care delivery0%
Over-treatment / low-value care0%
Fraud and abuse0%
Failure of care coordination0%

All the waste wouldn’t be quite so bad if your employees were getting quality healthcare in return.  But the truth is, they’re not.  They’re increasingly frustrated with the complexities of the healthcare system, and worried their health and the health of their families will suffer because of it.


This is where we come in.


Premier Health Advocates (PHA) is an innovative, cost-effective way for you to better control healthcare costs by helping your employees navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system and make better decisions. In fact, PHA can help lower your healthcare costs while raising your employees’ quality of care.


How? By helping your employees receive targeted and more efficient medical care every time they need it. As a PHA member, your employees have personal access to top-tier physician advocates who serve as a personal healthcare guide. Their personal physician advocate will give them real-time counsel so they no longer have to make critical healthcare decisions alone anymore. Imagine what this can do not only for your employees’ health, but for their morale and retention as well!


With PHA you always have someone in your corner focused on the health of your employees…and your bottom line.


PHA: Giving you and your employees the resources you need to take charge of your health


Being a member of PHA is like having your own personal healthcare guide to help you navigate all the intricacies. Got questions? We have answers.  Need help coordinating your medical procedures? We’ve got that covered, too.  Need a second opinion? We refer and coordinate.


With PHA, you always have insider access to our “doctors chosen by doctors®” network for referrals and second opinions. Your personal physician advocate gives you real-time council so you no longer have to make critical healthcare decisions alone anymore…you’ll have a world-class physician on call to help guide you along.


Hear what one of our member companies has to say:


Guidance for health related issues
Medication review
Medical education
Interpretation of test results
Understanding new diagnoses
Interpreting doctor “speak”
Expedited appointments
Referrals and second opinions
Assistance with incorrect medical diagnosis


Decreased healthcare waste
Value added benefit
Opportunity to decrease healthcare spend
More efficient health care for employees
Decreased employee  absenteeism
Monthly PHA newsletter and outreach
HIPAA compliant online enrollment process
HIPAA compliant CRM
Possible tax benefit

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