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Does my PHA Guide function as my treating physician?

No. PHA Physician Guides do not assume the role of your primary care physician. Our Physician Guides do not provide direct medical services to you. Rather, they serve as your advocates for healthcare issues and as an educational resource.

What is PHA?

Premier Health Advocates (PHA) is an organization founded by physicians whose primary goal is to help its members maximize their healthcare benefits while simultaneously assisting organizations to effectively address escalating healthcare costs.

Why was PHA formed?

PHA was formed to address some of the challenges of the current healthcare system including fragmented care, time constraints, over-reliance on diagnostic or therapeutic procedures and ultimately, a shift in focus away from the patient and to the finances of healthcare. The founders of PHA believe that through independent health advocacy they will be able to address these challenges and assist physicians in delivering comprehensive and appropriate healthcare.

How is PHA different from a concierge or “boutique” medicine practice?

The focus of concierge medical practices is provide improved patient service by offering more personalized attention to their patients. In order to provide this improved service, concierge or “boutique” medicine practices usually require the enrollee to pay an up-front retainer fee. This model of healthcare has been developed as a means for a physician to deliver quality care to patients despite decreasing reimbursements from insurance companies.


The focus of PHA, however, IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than the service provided by “boutique” medical practices.  In our model, highly credentialed physicians with significant and diverse experiences serve as an objective Physician Guide for people with healthcare issues.  Through personalized health advisory services, the PHA Physician Guide will educate and empower each member to find solutions to any healthcare issues.  The health and welfare of the PHA member is the main focus above all else.

How is PHA different from other advocacy programs?

While other advocacy programs generally use nurses and physician assistants to deliver their services, PHA uses experienced physicians as your advocate.

What is a PHA Guide?

This is a personal physician advisor for you, your family, and your health.  The concept is similar to that of one’s legal counsel.  The PHA Physician Guide will ensure that your interests, wishes and needs are emphasized at all times.

Who should use PHA’s service?

Anyone who is concerned or has questions about their healthcare or that of a family member.

How can PHA help my company?

PHA Corporate is a unique solution that has the ability to cut healthcare costs for employers AND improve the care received by employees.

Will PHA be able to help my company save money on medications?

Yes. For many medical issues newer medications are not necessarily better than the older, generic medications that have had a long track record of success. PHA provides education about alternative, evidence-based medication options that may be able to save money and arms you with questions that will help you and your own physician to determine your optimal regimen.

Is my medical information safe?

Yes. PHA has developed a custom electronic medical archive which is protected by the highest level of security and encryption technology in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. In addition all electronic communication between PHA and its members is protected by the highest level of HIPAA-compliant encryption technology.