PHA Platinum

You Take Care of Business. We’ll Take Care of You.

What could be more comforting than knowing an expert physician advocate is just a phone call away, 24 hours a day?


That’s why we created the PHA Platinum program – to help busy people like you take control of their healthcare.  With PHA Platinum, you get a “concierge” level advocacy program that offers truly unparalleled advice and access, tailored to your individual needs.


PHA Platinum gives you the immediate ear of some of the best doctors in this country who serve as your personal healthcare guide for medical education, guidance, and referrals.

In short, PHA Platinum will make sure you get the healthcare you deserve.

Isn’t that a nice change of pace?

PHA Platinum Services Offered

Expert medical guidance for all health related issues

Complex / multiple medical issue management

Unlimited cell phone access to Physician Advocate

Liaison between PHA member and physicians/specialists

In-depth medication review

Dependable medical education

Assistance interpreting test results

Incorrect diagnosis management

New diagnosis management

Interpreting doctor “speak”

Expedited appointments

Facilitated referrals and second opinions

Medical management of children or aging parents

Out of town medical advocacy *

Emergency medical advocacy *

* Additional charges may apply